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Our Mission

To produce high-quality wines from locally- and regionally-grown fruits.  Our goal is to strive continuously to be a company of excellence while creating an atmosphere of celebration and non-pretention, and seizing opportunities to give back to the community.



The beginning of our winery story is similar to so many others in our industry: a hobby that went out of control!  Kevin began making wine in his basement shortly after college.  Prior to making it, Kevin rarely drank wine, but he was quickly consumed by the wine culture.  An initial five-gallon batch started from California Cabernet juice grew into experiments with any fruit juice Kevin could obtain. Some results were better than others.

By the time Kevin met Carlee on a blind date several years later, he thought his winemaking skills were expanding, and he even stated that one day he planned to open a winery.  Most women may have laughed that statement off as silly first-date nervousness, but Carlee is not "most women." After a brief courtship and short engagement, Kevin and Carlee married in 2008. Carlee had a love for the culinary world, which fit in well with Kevin's love for wine. Carlee also had the notion that if you are going to do something, then you should do that thing the best that you can. This is where the real Webb Winery story begins.

Kevin knew that the best wines must be produced from the best and freshest ingredients, but whole-fruit winemaking is quite different than making wine from juice.  Carlee encouraged (insisted?) that they purchase the necessary equipment to upgrade the winemaking process. Over the next several years, the Webbs experimented with dozens of varieties of grapes (both locally-grown and from California), as well as numerous types of other fruits. Again, some results were better than others, but it is better to hone one's skills on small batches where time and financial commitments are minimal.

After Kevin's winemaking hobby had taken over the garage, a lot of storage space, and sometimes the kitchen, the Webbs decided it was time to follow the dream of opening the winery.  The couple purchased a home in Hermitage, PA that was zoned commercial so they could live and grow the business on the same property. The 400 square foot garage became the production winery, and the 10' x 13' breezeway was converted into a tiny tasting room. The Webbs selected a handful of Pennsylvania family-run farms from which to purchase fresh produce for their wines (see the Farm to Bottle page for more information). The winery soon needed more space for bottled wine, so the Webbs licensed half of their basement for storage. The Webbs used their back yard as an outdoor seating area at the winery, where they hosted a weekly music series during the summer, many sip and paint classes, and annual Fall Festivals with hundreds of attendees.

In November of 2015, the owners of Tam O'Shanter Golf Course invited Webb Winery to move the tasting room into its driving range building. Originally, the move was only to last until spring, but both businesses agreed the move should be permanent. In the spring of 2016, Webb Winery moved its production winery to its current location in Sharpsville, and in May of 2017 Webb Winery opened a tasting room/special event venue at the production winery. Webb Winery also opens a temporary tasting room at the Grove City Premium Outlets during the Christmas season.

The Webbs have always felt grateful to their community for the support in following their dreams. From the beginning of this adventure, the owners have desired to give back to the community when possible. 

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